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Time For A Change

Let’s face it...the world of automobiles is starting to take a drastic turn, for the GOOD! As more and more companies begin to offer electric or hybrid alternatives to their manufacturing line—let's talk about what impact switching to an electric can make for you, the environment, and your wallet. There has never been a better time to take a ‘greener’ approach to life.


Mother Nature Says, “Thank You!”

Round, watery, and beautiful—Planet Earth is not something to take for granted. But, often it’s not at the top of our minds when we buy a new vehicle. We’re here to change that! Typical automobiles burn gasoline made from fossil fuels and this produces pollutants that, even though controlled and regulated, still have an effect on our environment. Electric is a clear solution here. With electric vehicles, there is no exhaust—so you can check that one right off the list. Make the planet happy and yourself even happier.


Cut the Gas Bill

If going green for the planet doesn’t get you all the way, how about going green for yourself? We are talking about the spendable GREEN...cash money! Truth is, gas prices are predicted to keep rising over the next few years. You can either ride that wave of increased cost or take the proven electric route and lump your travel expenses into your monthly electric bill. It won’t be free, but you won’t have to worry about extreme inflation. Plus, when you charge overnight you get to skip the daily gas station detour, putting more time back in your hands. We can hear the extra dough piling up now!


The U.S. Is Saying YES

Americans. Yeah. They are on board with this idea. It seems like every day more and more electric vehicles are popping up on the road. With manufacturers starting to produce their own lines of electric and hybrid vehicles, the market is sure to be more approachable to any budget. Along with the majority of the U.S. saying ‘yes’ to electric cars, there are even more free to use charging stations popping up. From grocery stores to malls—and even right here in your neighborhood at Boalsburg Car Company. Stop by and charge up with us sometime.


Learn More With Expert Help

So, there is a laundry list of great reasons to go green this year and switch to an electric vehicle, but you may still be on the fence (we hope that is not electric too!). To that though, we say: stop in and chat with us. Our expert team at Boalsburg Car Company is happy to walk you through the ins and outs of this green initiative. We are always happy to lead you to the answers and let you make the final call. Don’t be shy. Use those feet to walk into BCC and step away with a smaller carbon footprint...or at least a better understanding of going green with your car!

All Charged Up and Everywhere To Go

Ready. Get set. CHARGE. Hopefully you feel a little more knowledgeable on the whole electric car world. Just think about your new routine: plugging in your car every night, skipping the gas station, and nothing but the road in front of you. We would love to be the ones to get you started on your smaller footprint. Modern (and Electric) Cars & Classic Service only at Boalsburg Car Company.

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