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Relying on Your Vehicle

Your trusty steel steed is your transportation. It’s how you get from point A to point B. You rely on it for so much more than you probably realize. With the average car loan lasting between 4-6 years, you are going to want to do the best you can for your vehicle. Our experts here at Boalsburg Car Company have put together 3 tips to help you help your vehicle and get more years out of those wheels.


Speaking of Wheels

The mighty rubber tire. With all the different types, durabilities, and styles––it can be hard to know which tires are best for your vehicle. Your tires can affect so much more than just traction. Having misaligned, worn, or old (over 1.5 years) can cause extra strain on your engine and even affect computer systems in your vehicle. So, it is important that you connect with professionals, like the techs at Boalsburg Car Company­­­­––who can give you the best tire suggestion for your vehicle, the amount you drive, and the type of driving you do.


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Let’s Switch Gears

Automatic vehicles have taken the top seat as the most popular type of vehicle, making your transmission health even more important. Did you hear a flushing sound? A transmission flush can be a great way to extend the life of your transmission and support your engine to run smoother. If you haven’t heard that good ol’ flushing sound in a while, your vehicle is probably overdue. Our mechanics are geared up and ready to whip your vehicle into shape. 


Get on Our Level

Almost like a great steel beast, your vehicle relies on some essential fluids, the most familiar being oil. But, did you know that your vehicle also must maintain a minimum water level, power steering fluid level, and brake fluid level? If any of these fluids run low or run out it can be due to a leak, or it could just get used up. Whatever the reason, the outcome is usually not fantastic. When you visit us at Boalsburg Car Company, we are happy to completely look over your vehicle no matter the work you are getting done and top off or refill any of your fluid levels. It’s the least we can do!


Put It on the Calendar

We get it, everyone knows that a regular oil change and tire rotation is great maintenance for your vehicle. We want you to ask about these topics the next time you visit us and learn more about how your car can really benefit from our team and the service here at Boalsburg Car Company––so get on our calendar today.

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