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It’s Turkey Season

We can already smell it. The homemade gravy poured over freshly cooked turkey. Stuffing to die for. Casseroles as far as the eye can see. The foreseeable future looks great, and fattening—but there’s one thing you should ALWAYS think about before the holidays really hit: is your vehicle ready to handle the increased travel over the next couple of months or could it use a little help? Let’s talk about some of the basics you can cover with Boalsburg Car Company to make sure you get to travel to every holiday meal possible this year.



First of all, you are not the first person, nor the last, to put off car maintenance…but, the longer you wait, the price of repairs can go up. Keeping on top of the little things with your vehicle will make a world of difference, so you don’t end up plucked—like that turkey you are trying to get to. Check these three areas:



2.Engine Health

3.Oil Health


More you say? Read on…


Tread Lightly...Or NOT!

Tires are meant to be used. But after a while they become so worn down that they won’t roll you anywhere, especially to epically delicious feasts. We’ll make this one easy. If they’re balder than your Uncle John, get new tires ASAP. Often, holiday travel means highway travel and a tire at risk could spell catastrophe even before the family drama starts at the dinner table. Boalsburg Car Company has tires of all shapes and sizes, stop in before you go.


If Your Car Had a Doctor

Most vehicle owners have a pretty good idea about what a vehicle needs or doesn’t need, but a lot of the time there is just more to the picture than most know. Engines are complex and intricate machinery operating all from a computer system that gets input from the driver. In simpler terms, it’s what makes you GO. Preventative maintenance is the key to longevity and safe travels with your engine. Just like when your doctor gets to know you, let our expert techs get to know your vehicle—that way, we can let you know when something may be wrong.



Our team at BCC can never overstate the importance of your vehicle’s oil level and oil health. Routine. Routine. Routine. Your vehicle needs at the minimum an oil change every 3,000 miles. Skip this timeline and you risk overheating, damage to internal parts, and even full vehicle failure. Don’t reduce the life of your vehicle, give it some TLC this month at Boalsburg Car Company.


Confidence In Travel

That’s 3, count ‘em, THREE, areas that can make your holiday travel this year more successful. With the service at BCC you can travel to the turkey with confidence—your vehicle can even take on the extra weight of full bellies after the feast. So, travel safe and may the tryptophan give you the best naps this year! 

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