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Rolling With The Changes



When it comes down to it, the four rubber wheels on your vehicle are an essential part of the way you get from here to there. Our team has compiled the easiest go-to tips to help you care for your tires, keep you and your family safe, and really get your tire’s worth—or money’s worth—actually, both!


Under Pressure

So no doubt, first on the list, and most obviously—the larger the tire the more air it may need. When your tire pressure goes below the recommended pounds per square inch (PSI), they become more vulnerable to punctures or tears, deflation at higher speeds, or worse. Be sure to at least check your tires’ PSI monthly and refill your tires when needed.

Also, if it’s cold outside, it’s cold inside your tire, which can often lead to decreased pressure—so colder mornings might call for a quick top off.

It’s Not The Olympics

An Olympian can balance on a beam, but a car cannot. However, a good balance in anything usually means positive results, and it’s exactly the same with your car’s tires! This allows the vital compensation between the car and the tire to occur for maximum performance. Skipping this step could lead to a very, very wobbly driving experience. Maintain this balancing act with our expert mechanics at BCC! 


The Ol’ Quarter Trick

You don’t need a technician for this one. If the tires  on your vehicle are at least a year old, it’s time to reach in your pocket and get out a quarter. Walk up to your tire and find a tread valley, if you cannot locate one, you need new tires ASAP! Now, stick the quarter in the tread with Washington’s head facing down. If the tread reaches past Washington’s head, your tire likely does not need to be replaced. However, if it falls below his head or does not reach his head, it’s time for a change. 


Align With This Routine

One more key area here: Alignment. This can drastically increase and improve the life and performance of your tires! This allows internal suspension and mechanics to operate at the same level so that you roll nice and smoothly. Alignment is easy to fix, but also easy to mess up. From fender benders to rolling over a curb—even certain events like braking too hard can affect your vehicle’s alignment! Always ask our BCC techs to check out the alignment when you’re replacing your tires, we are always happy to get anything straightened out!




Be One With The Four

Tire safety and maintenance is nothing to slide. These four supporters are there to do the best they can, you just have to help them out a little bit. By sticking to these tips and always asking a tech your questions can only keep you safer on the road and get more out of your tires. Take BCC for a spin, we’d love to see you ‘round these parts! Do you need more tire puns? Ok, good! Let’s chat: https://bit.ly/39QHCUv 


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