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The Things That Go Bump...In Your Car


What’s that SOUND?!

A hiss, a rattle there, that clanking that keeps going...and going...and going. It gets your heart racing. It makes you grip the steering wheel harder as you start to sweat. BUM BUM BUUUMMM—it’s SCARY CAR SOUNDS.


We’ve all felt the fear, and that fear is real. Let’s shine a light on a few things you might hear in your vehicle and the perfect way to release any of those car demons. 


That’s A Little Shaky

So a little vibration in your vehicle can be normal depending on the age, type of engine, and other factors, but if things start getting shaky or there is a lot of extra vibration in your vehicle you need some backup.  Often, the monster responsible for this scary feeling is actually the tires! This pop up horror can make you think that your car is about to fall apart, but the best thing to do if this happens is slow down and get a tow to BCC. Your tires and alignment need some TLC and we’re the experts to handle this foe.


It’s SO Dark

Night time. It fuels countless nightmarish thoughts and movies. But your vehicle has the perfect defense against the dark nights—headlights! Losing a headlight, especially at night, could call for some nail biting driving, but there’s a way to avoid this predicament. Headlights usually need to be replaced every two to three years depending on the make and model of the vehicle. So, if the timer has hit zero you should get some new lights...don’t go out into the dark without it!


Clink, Clank, Hiss

We lumped these three types of sounds together, because they cover a plethora of future avoidance issues for drivers. These sounds are not something to ignore. You know how sometimes in scary movies where the monster gets bigger because no one stopped it earlier? Yeah, well that’s what happens with these kinds of sounds. Losing pressure in your vehicle, bolts breaking, or different types of engine failure can be the real monsters behind a lot of these sounds. They aren’t ghosts, it’s your car asking for some help, and if help doesn’t get to your vehicle soon you could be looking at a long journey back to the road. BCC has the service tech Ghostbusters that are the leading experts at finding these culprits.


Who Ya Gonna Call?

Well, we’ve reached the end of this tale. We know the list is a lot longer, and the sounds that come from vehicles can be as diverse as they are monstrous and scary. When you hear those sounds, you need a group of experts that know what it takes to kick the monsters out and keep you on the road. We’ve got every solution for every villain that pops up. Don’t wait for the sounds to start to terrorize you—jump on that broomstick and tap into our preventative maintenance services. Now, if it’s vampires you’re dealing with, we may have to stock up on garlic, so just give us a heads up. Have a wonderful spooky season!

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