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It’s a party over here! Maybe not the type of party you are used to---so maybe more of a time to just get excited! But, the reason for our excitement is all because of electricity. We can hear it now, “but electricity was invented AGES ago.” You’re right, but we’re talking about electric vehicles and specifically a surprise that we are VERY excited to tell you about:


You can now stop by Boalsburg Car Company and use our New EV Charging System for FREE! We’ll write it again, ehem, FREE! If you are already ahead of the curve and are rocking a full electric vehicle, swing through and catch a charge with BCC---and if you are not yet convinced about electric cars, let us introduce you…


Come Down To Electric Avenue

The ol’ gas station. It’s been such a necessary staple of our lives for such a long time. But, the world is changing and we are starting to see more and more electric vehicle options out on the open market. This tech is new, so don’t get worried about not knowing everything about them. We’re here to help and so are electric vehicles! Let’s get familiar with the idea.


A Burn Vs. A Charge

We all know that fuel (gasoline or diesel in most vehicles) must be ignited to be used to fire pistons to run your engine. Well, electric vehicles skip all of the fuel required components and replace that with batteries to run a fully electric engine. That is the main and biggest difference between your traditional fuel vehicle and their evolved cousins. So, instead of stopping at the gas station every three days, you just plug in your car at night to charge---which is the first big perk of electric cars. You can save a TON of money on gas and not highly increase your home electric bill. You get time AND money back when you go electric plus the average full charge of electric vehicles is 123 miles, usually good for one day of driving!


Green, This One Is

If you read that title in Yoda’s voice, you get extra points. What we’re trying to say is that electric vehicles are an environmentally friendly choice of vehicle. By avoiding fossil fuels altogether with your vehicle you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly. We think it is a great way to give back by doing something you have to do every day anyways---drive! So, if you are in the market to go a little greener, BCC you must choose.


Best Of Both Worlds

Then, we have the hybrids. These little marvels of human ingenuity represent a vehicle category that can both use an electric motor and a fuel motor to get you from a to b. Unlike fully electric vehicles, a hybrid cannot be plugged in to charge the batteries. Instead, the system relies on storing power from the gas engine in batteries for later use. This system can protect drivers who may accidentally run out of gas by using the electric motor to prolong the distance it can drive until the next fill up. A great choice for those who are a little weary of going full electric.

BCC Is With You

As we look forward to serving this ever changing world of electric paradise, we want you to know that our expert team and mechanics are always ready to help you find what you need when you need it! Don’t take on life with low voltage either, visit us today and charge up your ride for free. Classic cars and modern service only at Boalsburg Car Company.

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