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Best Used Cars for Towing

Looking for a truck or SUV that can tow even the heaviest of objects? Need a reliable vehicle to get you through the workday? Well look no further than the reliable selection of quality used cars at Boalsburg Car Company near State College. We know towing capabilities are a highly desirable factor when picking the right car for you, so we’ve made it easier than ever to select the right car for you. 


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The Right Car For You

1200 × 650The Right Car For You


A Match Made In Heaven

If we could pull up a snapshot of everything you are looking for in a vehicle, what would that look like? Something tough that can handle some off road work? Something that catches the eye and starts conversations? Even something more functional to fit the whole fam?---Each person wants something a little different from their vehicle and BCC is here to make picking out the perfect vehicle a WHOLE lot easier!


Functional AND Stylish

So first up on our list are the very popular...





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Questions to Ask When Buying A Used Car

At Boalsburg Car Company we take pride in offering a quality used inventory that is not only reliable, but offers bang for your buck when it comes to features and technology. No matter where you’re shopping, however, it’s still smart to ask key questions to ensure you are getting a reliable vehicle that will keep you satisfied on the road. 

Allow us to break down some of the questions you should be asking at Boalsburg Car Company when it comes to our top of the line used inventory. 

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What's the Difference Between Used & Certified Pre-Owned?

Looking to buy a quality used car, but wondering what the difference is between used car inventory and Certified Pre-Owned inventory? Luckily, at Boalsburg Car Company we are here to help you find the best reliable used car for you. We offer an extensive used inventory, both regular used and certified Pre-Owned. 

Allow us to break down the difference between used inventory and Certified Pre-Owned. 

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Starting College on the Right Wheel


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Emotions Incoming

It’s that time of year—parents all over the nation and our community are preparing their recent grads to step into a new adventure as they send them off to college. This can be a great time. It can be a time where the tear reserves of good ol’ mom may also seem endless. Whatever the emotions are, Boalsburg Car Company is here to help you set up a game plan to make sure any crying that occurs isn’t because your car broke down on the way to the dorm. Let’s jump into your options…

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Drive In, Cash Out


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It’s Hard to Say No

Ah, again, we find ourselves excited to tell you about our initiatives here at Boalsburg Car Company. We are having a hard time saying no––to buying peoples’ cars. It really is becoming quite an enjoyable habit for us and we have seen and met so many wonderful people. To that tune, we want to give you some reasons why selling your car to Boalsburg Car Company feels more like gaining something new.


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0% Down on Summer Worries


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0% Down on Summer Worries


Summer Lovin’


If you are anything like the team at Boalsburg Car Company—summer means vacation, getting in the sun, and cruising to new destinations. We think that everyone is feeling it even more this year, so as you plan your summer trips, we want to give you some food for thought about getting your vehicle ready for the extra mileage through warmer months so that you can have 0% summer worries!


The Road Ahead


At Boalsburg Car Company, we want you to have your...

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