Used Car Financing - Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why should I finance my vehicle with Boalsburg Car Co?
        We have partnered with over a dozen lenders that compete to give you the
best loan package. This means our customers get the best rates and terms

2) What about using my own Bank or Credit Union?
        No problem, we would be happy to assist your bank. However, most of our
customers discover our lending options are usually more favorable. We also
handle all the paperwork giving you a one step vehicle delivery.

3) Who do I make Payments to?
        Directly to the Bank or Credit Union. We just help complete the paperwork, your
loan will be serviced by the lender.

4) What is the Interest Rate?
        This is based on four factors: Your Credit Profile, Year of the Vehicle, Term of the
Loan, Amount Financed vs Vehicle Book Value. This is why we use multiple
lenders, each customer and situation is different and we match the customer and
loan package to the bank. Simply put, 9/10 customers finance with us due to the
rates offered.

5) How many Months is the loan?
        We can finances for between 24 and 84 months. Most customers today choose
between 60 and 72 month terms.

6) What if I want to make extra payments or pay it off early?
        Great! All of our lenders do not charge early payoff fees and any overage
payment goes to the principle balance.

7) What if my credit history is not very good?
        No worries, we have lenders that can help those who have some bumps in road on
their credit history.

8) My credit was already ran, will Boalsburg Car Co run it again?
        The Credit agencies understand when consumers are in shopping mode. We will
run your credit again, but multiple credit inquiries within a few weeks does not
have a large effect on score.


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